Ballastable Land Roller

Our water ballastable land rollers are strong, robust and come fitted with oak timber bearings for durability.  The drum may be ballasted with water for additional weight and compaction.  Rolling stimulates strong root formation, growth and improves mowing and grazing.  Suitable for all jobs from repairing ground after animal poaching through to sports grounds and other amenities.  Our rollers can be fitted with a standard agricultural tow eye or 50mm ball hitch at no extra cost.   Delivery, anywhere UK mainland £110 plus vat.

Sizes available: 6ft at £1000 and 8ft at £1250 both 26″ fixed drum.  We also do split drum versions: 8ft at £1700 and a 10′ at £2200 with 30″ diameter drums.   All prices are plus vat.

Weights (approx) Unballasted / fully ballasted……..6ft: 300kg / 1196kg;  8ft: 585kg / 1670kg;  8′ twin: 900kg / 1950kg;  10′ twin: 1090kg / 2425k70