Grabs, Forks and Bale Spikes

Grabs, Forks and Bale Spikes 

Traditional farm tasks are often best
handled by equipment designed to emulate traditional tools.  The Agri-Mech
range of grabs, forks and spikes for bailed material employs time-honoured
handling practices while allowing your large or small tractor to take the

We manufacture a wide range of agricultural
attachments including forks, grapples, and bale spikes Derbyshire farmers and
smallholders can fit to their tractors for such requirements.  These strong, no-nonsense products will
quickly become a mainstay of your farm or stables, as they are simple to use
and are suitable for a wide range of applications.  Read on to find out more about our range and
the jobs for which each model can be used.

Moving large quantities of hay, straw,
silage or manure was once a back-breaking task which would have fallen to farm
labourers.  This is exactly the kind of
job which has been revolutionized by mechanization, and harvesters, bailers,
and other modern machinery keep getting better and better at handling such biomass

But when it comes to moving a straw bail or
a mound of silage, driving in a fork and lifting a quantity of material at a
time is still the best way to handle these by-products.  Using spikes and forks avoids the tangling
and clumping which can make such a mess when attempting to move loose piles
with a bucket.  Meanwhile, bailing is well established as the
best way to store and handle large quantities of hay and straw, whether the
bails are wrapped or unwrapped.  With a purpose-made
bale handler Derbyshire operators can therefore reduce the resources and effort
which would formerly have been spent on this time-consuming task.  And what better way to control a bale grab or
forks than with the all-purpose hydraulics on the front and rear of your

Our simple fork is possibly the most versatile
product in the range.  Since this item
can be mounted on either the front or rear of a vehicle, many customers also
use them as bale spikes in order to handle both loose and bailed material
without having to change tools.  Forks,
grabs, and grapple-and-bucket units for skid steers are intended to make light
work of loading operations, and allow you to make the most of your existing
fleet of vehicles.

We also do tined fork grabs and bucket
grabs for tractors and telehandlers.  Using a skid steer or telehandler as
a bale handler gives you more options when transporting materials by road, and
can free up tractors to be used as prime movers, or wherever else they may be

Our largest models are heavy duty grabs and
fork grapples for telehandlers and big loading shovels.  We are confident that these, some of our
toughest products, will be up to any job you can throw at them.  However, in case you aren’t entirely sure these
items are what you need, get
in touch with our team
.  As
manufacturers of first-class tools and equipment, we are uniquely placed to
respond to your specific needs.

When in need of a high-quality fork or bale
grab Derbyshire customers need look no further than us.

There are so many different styles and options; we do them all!  Manure forks and grabs, log grabs, pallet tines etc., etc

Please call Les Waterfall on 07850 9301040 to discuss your requirements and for the best price!