Grassland – Harrows

Agri-Mech chain harrows are fitted with a top quality Hackett bed. An essential piece of equipment for land maintainance and quality. Why harrow? Harrowing or scarifing promotes grass growth & stem qualilty by removing moss & weeds, breaking up mole hills, sods, surface crusting and aerating the soil. 

This also improves moisture retention and reduces the need for chemical treatments. Harrowing is beneficial for all land types, from farm land & pony paddocks through to sports fields & park land. Why mess about with drag harrows; you can’t get into corners and you have to carry them over tarmac, concrete, gravel etc..  Mounted harrows are the way forward!!

Our most popular size is the 6 foot harrow at £975 plus VAT, we do an 8 foot version at £1150 plus VAT
10 foot at £1550 plus vat; other sizes are available, please contact us for informatio