Snow Plough

We manufacture ploughs in the following sizes: 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, or 10ft.  However, we can do “one-off” sizes to order.  All ploughs have heavy-duty casters rated at (275kg each!), and our unique heavy-duty nylon scraper system, where you can replace the worn blocks individually rather than the entire rubber belt as with other brands!  

They are available with either 3PL, loader brackets or pallet tine attachments.  Blade adjusts to plough left or right up to 25 degrees articulation; can also be mounted parallel for drifts or car parks! (Manual or hydraulic operation available; please contact us for further information.)

PRICES:  6ft – £1100,   8ft – £1300,    9ft – £1500, and 10ft – £1700 all plus vat and delivery

Stand – £50.00             Boundary markers – £50.00          Hydraulic side shift £500.00

We can deliver anywhere UK mainland  – please call for an all-inclusive delivered price for your size. 

SPECIAL OFFER: 2 only x 7ft machines on 3PL with rubber blades..only £900 plus the vat!