FRONTONI Butterfly Range

At Agri-Mech, we specialise in providing professional equipment for the agricultural industry. This includes farming equipment from leading brands like the Frontoni Butterfly range. If you want high quality at competitive prices, the Frontoni Butterfly range could be the right choice for you. They are a manufacturer with a well deserved reputation for precision engineering and high quality parts. If you are looking at Frontoni or any of our other leading manufacturers, contact our sales team. We are ready to advise you and help you to choose the right model.

One of the features of Frontoni machinery that customers value is that they are ideal for managing natural features. Whether you have hedgerows, embankments of meadows, these models can help you to keep everything well managed and tended. The cutter bars and flail hedge cutters in the range are available in a range of options to suit all budgets and requirements.

Two of the popular models of flail heads are the Frontoni 170 and the Frontoni 250. These are great entry models in the range. If you need a model that provides high specification performance without breaking your budget, these could be just what you need.

The Frontoni 170 is an ideal choice for managing natural features on your estate or property. It is a lighter weight option which provides high speed cutting without requiring a more powerful tractor unit or increasing your costs. The 170 model has a cut width of 500 mm, meaning that it cuts a broad band in one pass. It can reach to a respectable 1700 mm, meaning that in many instances you can handle the cutting work without any difficulty. The big advantage to this model is that it does not require high power from the tractor unit. It will operate on a tractor unit that has between 13 and 25 horsepower.

If this is not quite enough in reach or cutting length, you might want to look at the 250 model. As the number suggests, this is a step up the range. It has a cutting width of 600mm, so it can handle twenty per cent more in each pass. It also has an extra 800 mm of reach, taking it to 2500mm of working reach. This is handy if you need to be able to work higher or further to the side. Although there is a higher power requirement, it is not a very demanding unit. The 250 model will operate on a tractor that has between 20 and 30 horsepower.

What if you need more reach or cutting width than this? We have other alternatives for you. For example, you might want the Frontoni 300 or 350 models. These go up to an 800 mm cutting width and an impressive 3500 mm reaching distance.

If you are looking for flail cutters, let our team discuss your requirements. Because our team are industry specialists, we will be happy to help you find the right specification for your team. You can find our contact details on the website.