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Here at AGRI-Mech, we supply high-quality agricultural machinery and equipment. We are a family run business with over 55 years experience in farming, land management and equestrian activities. As part of our range, we are the UK importer of FRONTONI machinery. Frontoni is an industry-leading Italian manufacturer of both cutter bar and flail hedge cutters. May we introduce you to the range of machines on offer?

FRONTONI hedge cutters make light work of hedge maintenance, creating precision-cut shrubbery. They are fully prepared on delivery, all ready for work, complete with a detailed Owner’s Manual so you can understand their specific features.  We offer the Fly, Scorpion, Butterfly, Elite and Dragon ranges, direct from UK stock.

Our Range


The Fly is a Cat l cutter bar machine designed specifically for lower powered tractors.  It comes with a 120mm head and has its own bespoke hydraulic pump and oil supply, so averts the need for a hydraulic flow from the tractor.  It has a maximum flat top cut height of 3000mm and a vertical cut of 4500mm


The Scorpion is our largest cutter bar machine, carrying a massive 1500mm head unit.  The machine is powered from the tractor hydraulic system and has the added benefit of being able to cut at both sides of the tractor.  The flat top height is 4100mm and the vertical height is 5750mm


Butterfly comes in four models from 170, 250, 300 and 350, with all being available from stock. Head units range from 500mm on the 170, 600 on the 250 and 800 on both the 300 and the 350.  These machines are compatible with compact and smaller tractors between  15 and 50 horsepower. This Butterfly is a great option for general to light hedge maintenance, embankments, and farmland meadows where the model number indicates the reach and flat top heights vary between 1250mm and 2250mm.


Elite is their mid-range machinery. We have three models available the 350, 400 and 450.  Elite is the machine generally bought by farmers and contractors for their own use and general contractor work.  Suitable for tractors between 50 and 150 horsepower with head sizes of 800mm on the 350 and 1000mm on both the 400 and 450, this machine is a “serious” operator!  Again, the model number indicates the reach and flat top height range between 2500mm and 3250mm


Dragon is the most popular model for the commercial contractor, being designed for heavy-duty cutting in more challenging environments. There are four models in this range, the 500, 550, 600 and 660S. Offering a reach capability of 5000mm to 6000mm, they are ideal for maintaining large hedgerows. Offered with a choice of either a 1000mm or 1200mm head unit, 5 different flail styles, cable or electronic control blocks and with hydraulic rotation and breakaway both fitted as standard, this machine is a phenomenal operator!

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