How to Pick the Best Hedge Cutters for Tractors

If you haven’t browsed through the hedge cutter market recently, you might be in for a surprise at the development and new features brought about by the technology in the industry. 

Farmers will now have an easier time manipulating tractors with hedge cutters having various features, such as an electronic joystick, varying forward reach, leveling using a sensor as a guide, and more. Are you ready for an upgrade?

To choose the best tractor hedge cutters for tractors, you must first determine what you need them for. Here are the other considerations to come up with the best choices:

  • Choosing a tractor

The tractor must be capable of managing the equipment it’s operating. Hedge cutting is frequently done on the farm using smaller or older tractors. However, this leaves a lot of room for accidents, which can be avoided by maintaining stability, particularly on hills and in slick agricultural weather

Given the disparity in loading tension at various reach phases, one crucial part of proper handling is assuring the tractor’s tyre pressures are right and there are no cracks. Ensure any relevant sub-frame or axle connections are properly installed before attaching the equipment to the tractor.

For most equipment now using the three-point connector, it’s critical that top links, lift arms, and the hedge-cutter stabilizer are in good working order and suitable for the purpose, especially for equipment reaching over 800kg. Whenever the cutting head is in the activated state, keep in mind that the oil reservoir must be equal in 2 directions: left to right and back to front.

  • Lights

Ensure the tractors and hedge beacons, cutters, and the road and work lights are not blocked by old material behind the guards. The tractor’s lights must always be visible.

  • Safety

Given the numerous dangers of hedge-cutting machinery, safety must always be on point. Risk assessments will assist in identifying hazards and developing control steps to achieve complete operation security. Mesh guards, for instance, might safeguard not only your machine but also you from flying objects.

  • Hydraulics

All hose connections must be examined to make sure that they are tight and that the cables are free of breaks and fractures. Hydraulic rams must be checked for leakage and ram drifting. To increase the life of the mechanical parts, ensure all outlets and deflectors all around hydraulic oil coolers are free of debris and refer to the maintenance chart in the operators’ handbook.

  • Linkages, pins, and bushing

There are numerous movable hinge places with bushings and pins on all machinery. You must regularly check them to avoid wear and allow the machine to make the appropriate cut without trouble. You need to perform daily greasing in all parts of the machinery, including the PTO crossings and shaft.

  • Head cutter

With the rotor spinning at speeds over 3000rpm, regular care of the head is essential to avoid noise and poor cutting efficiency. The operator must look for cracks in the flails and wear on the flail bushings. 

Sharpening and replacing broken flails are required on a routine basis for both T and boot fails. To maintain the rotor weighted adequately, ensure that every component’s opposite flail changed is also refreshed.

  • Controls

Electronics and joysticks have made manipulating the equipment simpler, but cable-controlled machines perform just as well, as long as they are in excellent working order. Before the start of the new season, if any issues happen during operations, you have to test the controllers thoroughly tested in an open area.

Cabling and linkages surrounding the equipment and into the control box are frequently the source of faults, especially if the equipment has been taken apart and rebuilt multiple times.


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