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  • Brookfield Industrial Estate, Old Coach Road, Tansley, Matlock, DE4 5ND

CK Series 28​

CK Series 28

Kioti CK Series 28 Tractor


For smaller farming and agricultural tasks, general land management and ground keeping for sports and recreational areas, the Kioti CX and CK Series tractors are hard to beat.

With a power range from 25 to 50 hp, a choice of manual, 12 x 12 shuttle and HST gearboxes, coupled with either an open platform of heated – air condition cabs, there is a model for every application.  Add to this a vast range of machinery, loaders and rear excavators, a vast range of applications become possible.

Any accessory you purchase is only as good as the machine it is based on; we can confidently say the CX / CK Series from Kioti is one of the best platforms we have seen for so many diverse light and medium-duty tasks.

For many years, the word ‘agricultural’ was an adjective broadly used to mean unsophisticated, rudimentary, and unrefined.  This was due to farm machinery of that era being basic and designed to work with broad tolerances.  After all, reliability and longevity are more important than comfort and convenience when your livelihood or enterprise depends on you diligently caring for a large area of land in all weathers.

Modern compact tractors from manufacturers like Kioti, however, will belie this preconception and challenge the negative connotations of the phrase.  No longer raw and basic, today’s small tractors are big on ease of use and flexibility.  Nor have these improvements been realised at the expense of traditional qualities such as reliability and ease of servicing; Kioti products are robust and easy to maintain, and can be adapted to perform even in the toughest conditions.

What can you expect when you invest in a Kioti tractor?  A comfortable, modern control position alleviates the discomfort and fatigue associated with older farm vehicles.  This means the operator can keep working for longer, get jobs done quicker, and still have energy left at the end of the day.  All the controls fall easily to hand and have been designed with ergonomics and efficiency in mind.  The addition of a cab will make a massive difference if the vehicle is to be in regular use in all weathers.

Now, take a look at some of the standard or optional technical features of the CX/CK Series: selectable four-wheel-drive, rear and mid-PTO, power steering for maneuverability, powerful working lights and a sophisticated engine management system that provides plenty of power while optimising fuel efficiency and protecting the engine from excessive wear.  We think it’s fair to say the CX/CK Series are anything but rudimentary and unrefined!  Check out the spec brochure for more features.

Of course, when you come to Agri-Mech for your new Kioti tractor, you can also access a huge array of compatible tools, including diggers, loaders, grabs, mowers, and hedge trimmers, to name just a few.  Contact our team if you need help deciding which Kioti is the right machine for you.