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CK Series 33 & 40hp​

CK Series 33 & 40hp​

CK Series 33 & 40HP models 


Kioti are a popular manufacturer for agricultural equipment, and with good reason. They are known for their high quality manufacturing, dependability and versatile tractor units. The CK series 33-40HP model are no exception to this well-deserved reputation. They are a great choice for land management, including on rough or uneven ground, or for working in work sites with limited space, where manoeuvrability and precision are important.

The CK series 33-40HP tractors look good, so they make a smart and attractive addition to your equipment. But they are more than just a good-looking unit. What they provide in terms of specification could be exactly what you need. At the core of the vehicles is a premium diesel engine. This is an eco-friendly, Tier 4 engine which has improved fuel efficiency and low vibrations. This provides the operator with the combination of a quiet work environment without sacrificing a powerful performance. The engine on the CK series 33-40HP tractors works with a heavy duty transmission system, a 3-point control lever which is ergonomically designed and 4 wheel drive which is standard on all models. The 4 wheel drive is engaged with an easy access lever. Additionally, a rear differential lock allows for easy engagement or disengagement of the differential, so that you have maximum traction in terrain that is muddy or uneven.

The CK series 33 & 40HP models are not only built for performance. They are also designed to provide operator comfort. After all, if you are going to spend hours working with a tractor, you need to know that you will be comfortable all day. There are several features which are designed to maximise operator comfort. One is the seat, which is comfortable and provides the support you need. Additionally, the levers and pedals have been carefully positioned to maximise efficiency and ease of use. For example, each model has a two pedal system with an elevated position and minimal pressure. This reduces operator strain, as well as providing maximum legroom.

Some of the key features of the Kioti CK K series 33 models and 40 models are:

  • Powerful, low vibration, fuel efficient engine
  • 3-point linkage with ergonomic control lever
  • Four wheel drive engagement
  • Rear differential lock
  • Tail lamp and flasher
  • Illuminated dashboard
  • Power steering
  • Dual HST pedals
  • Hydrostatic or manual transmission options
  • Centre marker for straight rows
  • High ground clearance for uneven terrain
  • Hard wearing tyres for mixed-terrain

For more information about the technical details of this hardworking tractor, look at the specification document. This includes data about the standard equipment and performance specifications of the tractor. It also includes information on the optional equipment and the attachments which can be used with these models.

At Agri-Mech, we specialise in helping professionals find the right equipment that they need. This includes the Kioti CK series 33 & 40HP range of models. For more information, including enquiries about new and second hand Kioti tractors, contact us today. You will find the details on the website.