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  • Brookfield Industrial Estate, Old Coach Road, Tansley, Matlock, DE4 5ND

CS RANGE 22/26hp Sub-Compact

The Kioti CS range of sub-compact tractors are ideal if you have a small hold farm where you carry out landscaping or land management.  Each model in this range provides quality engineering, reliable performance and reasonable prices – exactly what you need for working your land.

The Kioti CS 22 units are designed as small, versatile tractors.  They are available in a range of options, from the smaller 22hp models to the more powerful 26hp options, and they are available with different optional attachments and upgrades.  This variety provides something to suit all operators and budgets.  The small size of the vehicle makes it effective for operating in a limited space as well as storing in a small garage or workshop.

At the core of the range is a set of features and elements that make the Kioti CS 22 a dependable workhorse.  For example, the models could with a rear and mid PTO, which is ideal for powering a range of attachments, whether you are cutting lawns or moving earth.  Additionally, each model is powered by a fuel efficient and effective three cylinder diesel engine.  This gives a reliable power output whilst keeping your fuel costs low.  The designs come with power steering as standard.  This is essential if you are operating in a small space where manoeuvrability is important, but it is also important if your operator will be working on the vehicle for long periods of time.  The open platform style makes getting on and off easy, as well as ensuring a wide range of visibility, and visibility is enhanced by the bright headlights and the lighting on the instruments panel.  The four wheel drive ensures that each of the Kioti CS 22 models can handle loose, wet and uneven ground for all weather working.  People who drive Kioti models of tractor appreciate the high standard of manufacturing, as well as how easy they are to maintain and service.

Beyond the basic features, the different models offer enhancements.  The 26hp models offer extra power and a few luxury additions to improve performance.  Additionally, there are a variety of optional extras which are available on different models, meaning that you can get the tractor that suits your needs.  For example, they can be fitted with front and rear hydraulic valves.  Rear working lights can be useful if you work into the evenings and need all round coverage.  Cruise control can be fitted for enhanced operator comfort and efficiency, and we can install front weights to maximise performance.  As well as the optional extras, these models are compatible with various Kioti attachments, such as the front end loader and the mid mount mower.

If you are looking for a Kioti CS 22 for sale, we can help.  At Agri-Mech, we stock new as well as used agricultural equipment, including the Kioti CS range of sub-compact tractors.  We also provide other ranges, like the Kioti CK series.  For more information, including prices or to find out what stock we have currently have available, contact our sales team today.  We are ready to help you to find the right equipment for your business.