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  • Brookfield Industrial Estate, Old Coach Road, Tansley, Matlock, DE4 5ND

RX RANGE 66hp “New”​

RX RANGE 66hp "New"

KIOTI RX RANGE 60 – 73 hp

At Agri-Mech, we specialise in offering a variety of top quality agricultural equipment from leading brands.  These include Del Morino, Eco Tecnicas, Frontoni, Kioti and Solis.

The Kioti RX range is a highly versatile tractor, with power ranges from 60hp to 73 hp.  All models within the range come with cabs fitted with heater, air conditioning, front and rear work lights and wipers.  This provides the operator with a combination of power and comfort, everything you need for enhanced productivity.

Every model in the Kioti RX range is equipped with “push button” engaged 4WD, differential lock, 24 by 24 electronic shuttle gearbox, headland management, turn assist, high lift hydraulics and twin speed pto. The Kioti RX range boast superior interior comfort, low vibration, ergonomic designed lever controls and fully adjustable suspension seat. Whatever the weather and working conditions, this tractor will make life a breeze.

Featuring the latest CRDi Daedong turbo engine, with ECO technology, the operator is assured of an enhanced working experience with powerful, smooth and economical performance. The Kioti RX range features the latest sloping hood design which improves the operator’s vision, as well as making the tractor maintenance easier. The models in the Kioti RX series are also equipped with wet disc brakes, an adjustable seat belt, headlights, safety lights and hydrostatic power steering.

You can view the RX specification for more details and features in this range. For more information about the Kioti RX  or any other tractor model or agricultural equipment we offer on our website.  Please feel free to browse or get in touch with us either through our online contact form, or by emailing us at info@agri-mech.co.uk. Alternatively, please call 07850 931040 to speak directly to our Director Les Waterfall, who has over 55 years of agricultural experience.