Solis Tractors UK

If you are looking for a small to medium-sized tractor for your property, it can be difficult to choose the right option. After all, there are several options on the market. Have you looked at Solis tractors? The range of models available in this range means that there is a model for most situations. At Agri-Mech, we specialise in supplying high-quality agricultural machinery for discerning customers. Why not contact us to see if Solis tractors are right for you?

Solis Tractors for Sale

One of the reasons that this manufacturer is so popular in the small to medium category of tractors is that they combine straightforward, easy-to-operate functionality with a striking design. Many owners appreciate the simplicity of construction, as it makes the job of the operator less complex. Another feature of this range that customers like is that they are manufactured using high-quality parts. After all, you want this vehicle to be a workhorse that you can rely on to work efficiently and smoothly, day in and day out. With a Solis model of tractor, you can have the confidence that comes from buying a quality engine.

High-quality manufacturing

Solis tractors are used across the UK because they have all the features that you need in a small or medium-sized model. For example, they are available with a high lift, three-point linkage, four-wheel drive, double-acting spool valves, and hydrostatic power steering, to name a few of the features which customers are looking for. This means that each model is versatile and useful for a variety of agricultural and site management tasks. They are also designed with high torque engines to give you the power that you need, as well as a 36-month warranty to give you peace of mind.

Getting the right model

When choosing from this range, there are several options to suit all requirements and budgets. The most obvious factor is the power rating of the model. The range starts with the Solis 20, which provides 20 horsepower. Slightly above this, there is also a 26-horsepower model, then a small jump to the mid-range, which is the Solis 50, a 50-horsepower unit. If you need more power, there is also the Solis 75 and 90 CRDi, which give 75 and 90 horsepower respectively. This means that whether you need a small model for light work, or have more demanding tasks in mind, there is a model for you.

There are other options available as well on these models. One option is that some of the models have a cab, whilst others have no cab. Additionally, there is a choice of manual, HST or shuttle gearboxes so that you can have the driving experience that suits you. Each model in the range is also available with different tyres. For example, for general purpose, all-round work you might prefer an industrial design of the tyre. Alternatively, if you intend to manage a large number of lawns, you might choose a turf tyre which is less likely to tear up the grass. If you are planning more heavy-duty work on muddy or wet ground, you could opt for the agricultural tyres which provide an enhanced level of grip in these conditions.

If you are looking for your next model of tractor, perhaps Solis is the range for you. UK customers can rely on Agri-Mech to provide a good choice of high-quality models. For more information, contact us today using the details on the website.