What is the Best Farming Equipment?

Agriculture is made easy with the latest tools and mechanisms for hassle-free Farming.

Agriculture is the backbone of any country, demanding both hard work and ultimate dedication.  Over time, agriculture has evolved, with many farmers now using modern techniques and highly sophisticated equipment, which gives rise to both better products and increased yields. This blog will discuss the latest tools used in agriculture and their benefits. It includes Frontoni Butterfly Range, Frontoni Hedge Cutters, Frontoni Dragon Range, and Frontoni Elite Range.

Frontoni is an Italian machinery manufacturer which produces the latest equipment to carry out tedious activities, smoothly. Agriculture involves many activities…..land management, sowing, harvesting, shredding, general maintenance around the farm, and much more.

1) Frontoni Butterfly Range-

Frontoni Butterfly range is the best choice for the smaller tractor.  It is budget-friendly and produces a terrific cut quality. Frontoni Butterfly range has had excellent brand value for many years and is priced extremely competitively when compared with other brands in the market. The customers’ needs and expectations have been met making them the discerning choice in the market. Whilst the Butterfly range is designed for the smaller tractor with between 15 and 45hp, they will tackle the harshest conditions, leaving a smart cut on all species of hedgerow.  Featuring a bi-directional cutter, duplex pump, mechanical breakaway and a 23hp hydraulic pump, the Butterfly is the machine of choice in the compact tractor sector.

2) Frontoni Hedge Cutters-

For over 35 years Frontoni has been the European standard setter in industrial farming for the manufacturing of hydraulic flail-hedger mowers, shredders and log grapples.

Our mission has always been: development and research in foreseeing and solving problems in the clearance of green areas, road banks and woodland areas.

Frontoni does it with a passion to give you the certainty of having a reliable partner at your side: before, during and after-sales

3) Frontoni Dragon Range-

The Frontoni Dragon range is the “Contractors” choice, designed to tackle heavy growth and to work from sunrise to sunset during the cutting period.  Fitted with either a 45 or 60hp pump and with a choice of either the 1000 or 1200mm head and a choice of nine flails types, this machine is for the “serious” operator.  There are four models in the range, with a reach from 5 to 6.6 meters and minimum tractor power requirements are 80 to 120hp.

4) Frontoni Elite Range-

The Frontoni Elite range is the general “farmers” choice. Capable of cutting hedges, embankments, and barriers that are traditionally found throughout the UK on farms, estates and roadsides. Notwithstanding its competitive price, this machine is well capable of some extended contracting work, with its powerful 23hp pump and large 85-litre oil tank, there is no chance of any overheating with the Elite.  Three sizes of reach, from 3.6 to 4.7 meters, a choice of 3 flails styles and with a minimum tractor power requirement of just 50hp, the Elite will keep every farm looking spick and span!