Following a sale, your new TRACTOR AND / OR MACHINE will be conscientiously prepared in our workshop by James, who now has over 20 years experience. 
Following preparation, delivery will be effected personally by James at a time and date most convenient to you, entirely free of charge!  On arrival, he will demonstrate all the features and benefits of the tractor / machinery, thereby enabling you to use the equipment safely and to get the best from your purchase.  We will spend as much time with you as you wish and thereafter, we are both available for any further advice or assistance you may require.

We support the Health & Safety Executive “Come Home Safely” campaign!  In addition, we supply all Owner’s Manuals for the tractor, loader and any machinery purchased, together with the HSE tractor safety publications, including the safe operation of power take off shafts, hydraulics and attachments.

Subsequently, any service work required will be done “on site” where we bring sheets to prevent any oil drops on your property and take away all your old oils and filters.